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NWK 850H

Non-Stick Coating and Self Clean for Anti Micro Dust



Special polymers are used to create a hydrophobic surface that effectively prevents many different substances – e.g. adhesive, rubber, plastics or food – from sticking. By applying specific roughness profiles to the surface structure, the contact area is reduced and the non-stick properties enhanced.

The NWK850H coatings improve the non-stick and sliding properties and provide corrosion protection for components. A variety of different polymer and floor polymer coatings create an optimal characteristic profile for any application.

It is resistant to most bases, acids, and organic solvents and is widely used in both the chemical processing and food & beverage and bakery industries.

The coating is water-clear, permanent and leading-edge non-stick coating. This product forms mechanical and chemical bonds to inorganic and organic substrates making it universal in its application.

It incorporates a unique nanotechnological polymer that both penetrates the structure and builds a durable non-stick and chemical proof film. This product has been tested in a wide variety of climates and shows no deterioration from ultraviolet rays, ozone, salt spray or acid rain. It allows for expansion and contraction, building the movement, temperature extremes, and thermal cycling.

The coating is particularly suitable for protection and anti-corrosion applications thanks to its unique combination of properties.

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    • Very good chemical and thermal resistance
    • Surface smoothness
    • Purity
    • Outstanding heat resistance(200~400℃)
    • Excellent electrical insulator – note that a carbon filled version is available which has static dissipative properties
    • Abrasion resistance
    • Impact strength
    • No Fire (Zero conductive)
    • Hydrophobic and Oleophobic


NWK-850H can reach Tack-free drying in 120~180 minutes and fully cured within 48 hours.  Excellent adhesion at a wide temperature range (-40 ~ 200℃) & prolonged temperature (200℃~400℃). Surfaces to be applied should be cleaned, dried and free from oils, dust & other contaminants.

This product is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, non-reactive, low VOC and AQMD compliant.

Typical applications served by NWK850H coatings include those in contact with highly corrosive or ultra-pure chemicals such as strong inorganic bases and mineral & oxidizing acids including:


    • Reactors
    • Semiconductor chemical storage tanks and ductwork
    • Containers and Agitators
    • Insulators
    • Motor wing
    • Roller for Film packaging
    • Electroplating equipment
Anti Stick | Against Micro Dust, Zero Conductive, Prevent Adhesion | AE Coating
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