NWK 742M

Metal for Anti Corrosion with Water Base technology



NWK 742M paints and coatings are a water-based one component, room temperature vulcanizing (RTV) coating that provides long lasting protection from corrosion in high-grade atmospheric applications in retrofit projects.

The coating consists of a unique conducting polymer nanodispersion based primer, a top layer and an optional interlayer. The polymer envelops the surface of the metal and transforms the top layer into a thin but dense metal oxide layer. This system functions as an effective barrier that protects metals from corrosion without using any heavy metal pigment such as chromate, lead, or zinc.

NWK 742M paints and coatings are heavy metal free (green) high-performance anti-corrosion technology, making it the next-generation of anti-corrosion coating technology.

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    • Heavy-Duty Anti-Corrosion Protection
      Withstands over 1,000 hours of Salt Dipping with no rusting or blistering. The test panels had no visible changes in appearance: no cracking, flaking or chalking
    • Environmentally Friendly water base technology
      The primer contains no heavy-metal pigments such as Zinc, Chromate, or Lead
    • Scratch and Pinhole Tolerant/Self-Healing
    • Protects Many Metals besides Iron/steel
      For example Zinc, Aluminum, Magnesium, Copper, Silver, Titanium, etc
    • Surface Tolerant
    • Two-Component aliphatic urethane is used as the topcoat resin that provides:
      Excellent Heat Resistance(Min 5℃~8℃)
    • Easy to Apply
      Applicable with current paint application equipment
    • Good steam blocking and low vapour permeability
    • Fast drying time from primer coating to top coating
    • Very strong durability and abrasion
    • High salt resistance

NWK 742M paints and coatings withstand severe conditions to protect structural steel, pipelines, tanks, bridges, offshore platforms, wind farms, nuclear power plants, marine hulls, ports, superstructures, decks, aeroplane, automobiles, agriculture equipment, etc.

Our primer serves as an excellent heavy-metal free replacement for existing heavy-metal based coatings with even stronger anti-corrosion abilities.

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